Using Klaviyo Back In Stock Automation

Using Klaviyo flow to automate is one of best decisions mid-market and Enterprise eCommerce merchants could make. Klaviyo allows you to create different flows depending on your company’s unique criteria. This makes it easy for you to personalize experiences for everyone in your company’s database.

This blog will discuss Klaviyo back stock flows, their benefits and how they can be used to benefit eCommerce businesses. Let’s get to it!

Klaviyo Back in Stock Automation: What is It?

Klaviyo’s back in stock function is eCommerce automation. It allows merchants to automatically send messages to potential customers who have signed up with restock alerts for specific products. This automation allows customers to purchase products that are not in stock at the moment they see them on the company’s site.

Prospective customers can sign up to be the first to hear when an item returns in stock. Klaviyo’s back in stock flow alerts these customers of high value that the product they have been waiting for, is now available.

You can see the email example below to learn how you can configure a Klaviyo Back in Stock Email.


How does Klaviyo Back in Stock Automation work?

A Klaviyo back-in stock flow is created by a merchant. When someone subscribes to a restock notice on their website, their data is stored and tracked back back to their Klaviyo account. Each contact who has signed up for a back-in stock alert is entered into a segment that allows them to be notified when a particular SKU becomes available. Each Klaviyo back-in stock flow member will receive an SMS or email letting them know that the product has become available.


This solution is for small quantities of inventory

Businesses that have difficulty with inventory can use back in stock flows to solve their problems (especially in a B2B environment), although D2C retailers also face inventory shortages. Klaviyo allows merchants to easily send out an SMS or email blast to a select group of subscribers rather than sending an entire mailing list.

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Avoids Customer Uncertainty

Stock automation helps you avoid making customers and potential customers uncertain about your brand or product. If eCommerce merchants don’t provide their customers with tools to keep them updated on inventory status, they are more likely to leave doubts about two things: whether or not the product will be available again and whether or not the company is trustworthy enough for them to wait. Even though it is not the best situation, back-in stock notifications can be a great way to satisfy unhappy customers.


An eCommerce store’s success depends on its ability to plan ahead for inventory management. Klaviyo is a great platform to use for email, SMS and other marketing strategies. We are certain it will be a huge success for your customers and future customers.


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