The Best Email Marketing Software for eCommerce Businesses

According to Statista, the global number of email users will reach 4.3 billion by 2023. This is half the world’s population. That means eCommerce email Marketing can be a great opportunity for businesses to capitalize.

Our team can help you, no matter if your business is small and needs to purchase your first email marketing tool or if your company is larger and requires a change in marketing software. Keep reading to discover two of our favorite email marketing software platforms.

Best Email Marketing Software

The Groove Commerce team is a full-service eCommerce agency that has been in operation for 14 years. We have used many marketing tools, helping clients to increase their website traffic, generate leads, and boost revenue. We will be focusing on Klaviyo (our favorite email marketing software platform) and HubSpot (our favourite).


No more sending out one-off emails. Personalization, segmentation, and automation can help you grow your business and provide a memorable and engaging customer experience. We recommend evaluating Klaviyo in order to determine if Klaviyo is the right email marketing software for you.

Klaviyo, an eCommerce email marketing platform and SMS automation platform, is dedicated to helping small businesses and large enterprises grow. It provides all the tools eCommerce brands need to personalize every user’s experience with your brand. Klaviyo’s flyouts and pop-ups as well as embedded forms can be used to welcome your website visitors. To display the right messages to your visitors, use profile, segment URL, location targeting. VIP customers and first-time visitors will get different messages when they visit your site.

Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities allow you to target customers based on what they purchased, what they viewed, where they interact on your emails, and how much they spend on each purchase. These are great examples of how to target customers.

  • The average order value is greater than a certain amount
  • Customers can purchase multiple times per month
  • Customer has made at least 1 purchase within the last month
  • Customer always pays full price
  • Only customer purchases with coupons
  • Customers place multiple orders
  • Customer comes back often, but does not make a purchase.

Klaviyo offers many ways to segment your audience. This is not a comprehensive list. This is a great way to increase engagement by ensuring you send the right messages and the right messages.

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Klaviyo also offers advanced automation features, which is a big advantage over other email marketing platforms. Klaviyo’s interface is fast and easy to use. Klaviyo’s drag and drop builder allows you to map out your customer experience starting to end. You can also A/B-test an email’s subject line, content, timing, or design to improve its performance. Split and branch emails in an automated series to send the correct messages to customers who meet specific criteria. Klaviyo’s live-time reporting allows you to compare emails within the same series.


HubSpot, like Klaviyo offers segmentation, personalization and automation functionality so that eCommerce merchants can provide powerful email experiences for prospects, leads, and customers. We encourage you to learn more about HubSpot eCommerce to find the right email marketing software for you company.

HubSpot’s marketing automation software, Marketing Hub, is designed to help companies draw attention from prospects and convert more leads into customers. It also scales and grows all inbound marketing efforts within a single platform.

Personalization tokens, smart subject line, smart CTAs, and smart text can be used to tailor emails for different audiences. Smart subject lines can be used to target content based upon a contact’s lifecycle stage, or whether they are a member of a specific HubSpot list. Smart CTAs can be used to target people based on their lifecycle stages, devices, preferred languages, referral sources, and countries. Smart rules can be used to target contacts based upon their lifecycle stage or membership in a list. This will personalize your emails.

HubSpot’s segmentation capabilities allow you to group audiences according to demographics, geographic location, psychographics and technographics as well as behaviors, needs, and values. This HubSpot lesson is free and will help you understand how to use the lists tool to create a segmentation strategy within HubSpot.

HubSpot’s workflows allow you to automate your email campaigns , and push prospects through the sales funnel. HubSpot, like Klaviyo uses a drag and drop editor to create emails. Marketing teams don’t need to modify a single line of code. To ensure that emails are sent to the right recipients, you can set specific conditions. These are some examples:

  • Contact opened a particular email
  • Contact received an email from a particular address, but did not open it
  • Contact has submitted a particular form
  • Schedule a call
  • Customer bought more than one item in the last month
  • Customers placed multiple orders
  • The customer has visited the site twice within a time frame, but didn’t purchase anything.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, however, because there are many triggers you can set to be the criteria for a HubSpot workflow. HubSpot, like Klaviyo offers the ability to allow merchants to A/B test emails in order to determine which version performs better. HubSpot will pick the best-performing email to send to your rest of the list based on the performance of each version over time.


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