source $300K in 7 Days: Building A Million Dollar Beauty Subscription Service

source $300K in 7 Days: Building A Million Dollar Beauty Subscription Service

Mai Dinh, the owner of Glam House Los Angeles and a nail and eyelash salon, was forced to change when the pandemic struck. Dinh started to think of other ways to make money after her premises were temporarily closed. Dinh was encouraged by the overwhelming response to her small social media release of nail kits and decided to use Wix eCommerce to build the House of Suppliez online shop in just two days. She was able to sell six figures within a week.

I made over $300.000 in my first 7 days of selling on Wix.

House of Suppliez was a successful beauty supply company based in Los Angeles that earned more than $1 million in 2020.

Dinh, like many other business owners, saw a need. With the pandemic, people wanted their own nail art at home. Plus, they had more time. Dinh has enjoyed rapid success.

Despite the rapid growth, Dinh is humble. She stresses that her goal is to help other young entrepreneurs build their small businesses.


We talked to the nail artist, founder and glamourous creator about her amazing growth and personal motivation as well as her future ambitions.

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How to start a subscription business. Continue reading for Dinh’s inspiring advice and key lessons on how to grow a million-dollar eCommerce company.

What’s House of Suppliez? How did it get started?

House of Suppliez, an online beauty supply company and a monthly subscription-based business, is located in Los Angeles. We sell high-quality products that I and my team have curated in Los Angeles. Every product has a ‘pretty girls gang’ vibe.

My Wix eCommerce website was created 6 days after the pandemic in Los Angeles. Everything was shut down except for my salon, which I have had for five years. I sat down at home, stared at my ceiling, and thought: “Well these bills are still coming into and I must pay them. So what can I do?” I didn’t want to lose my business, and all the things I had worked so hard for.

I thought that people are always at home and might be interested in learning a trade or doing their nails. I thought, “Why not make really cool kits people can purchase and learn how to do their own manicures and pedicures at home?” There were about 25 nail kits that had been left over from our training academy. I decided to go on Instagram and say: “We have these really cool nail kit for sale.” All 25 kits sold within an hour. I’m available to drop them off to anyone who lives in LA.

Wix was already used for my academy and salon, so I worked closely with Celia, our web designer, to make the website live in just 2 days. Wix was a great platform to build my website. Wix is a platform that allows creators. Wix is the best way to go.

We initially had only three products to sell. We had three items to sell: a nail kit, a manicure kit, and a mascara kit. My best friend asked me: “If I sell 1,000 nail kits per week, I’ll have enough money to pay my bills and be content to get through this pandemic.” I didn’t expect it to happen. They were adored by everyone. My Wix account had more than $250,000 in transactions when I woke up. These three items helped us make over half a million dollars selling to people around the globe. The demand was so great. We tried to fulfill these orders for two weeks straight.

I am so grateful for the growth spurt and the support of everyone, especially those who have been there from day one.

We want to know about your top-selling beauty subscription boxes.


Every month, we handpick the most fashionable, cutest, and trendiest products and deliver them directly to your home. You only need to pay for your subscription. Every month you’ll receive a surprise.

It is convenient for nail and eyelash artists around the globe. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin when you start your career as a nail and lash artist. You can get supplies for weeks or days, and you can focus on your clients. Subscriptions are available for both gentlemen and girls who love beauty. The Vanity Box is so great. For only $12.99, you get $30-40 worth of products each month.

Our subscriptions are a major factor in our growth. Our subscribers number 7,000 and people all over the globe are receiving our products every month. We have over 70% returning customers, which is why our customers are the best.

What factors did you believe contributed to your success?

Although I am a hard worker, our growth has been amazing–even for me. Our products are being praised by people all over the globe. I am humbled by their support. I put my heart into the website, and am passionate about what I sell.

Our products are for young entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry. They can try all the products to grow their business.

“As industry professionals, we know what this generation needs. We’re serving them.” We provide value and ensure that our products are of the highest quality.”

Each product is hand-picked and curated by us. We personally use every product we choose in our salon, and we ensure that they are of professional quality.

Our success is largely due to the clients we have in our salon. Many social media influencers use our products on their nails. They also visit the salon to get their lashes done. They love our products.

Bhad Bhabie is one of our most valued clients. She has been there for us every step of the journey. She is a huge nail fanatic, and she supports everything we do. She is a true fan of our products and helped us handpick them. I really appreciate her. She is always open to new ideas. It’s a lot of fun, and it doesn’t feel like work.

Passionate about your work will make you successful. You will not stop trying. I never gave up, and that is why I was able build a successful company.

How can you use social media to get more customers?

Our work is visual because we are artists and creators. We are passionate about being able to express our creativity and passion.

“I grew up in a city filled with fashion, design, and art. It motivates me everyday to create, create and create.

Instagram is a great place to have fun. We share content with our followers and tell them about the products we have used. We have more fun creating content that our viewers, and it gets us lots of exposure. We have 125K Instagram followers and 131K TikTok users. My team is extremely driven. Our content department has done some amazing work. Some of our videos went viral and reached over a million viewers.

Facebook is important to those who enjoy reading social posts and building a relationship with brands. YouTube is a platform that our clients use to create content. I believe there is a future for YouTube. Our subscribers love the exclusive video content we currently upload to our website via Wix Videos.

People find us via social media and word of mouth. It makes our job much easier as well as the shopping experience for customers much simpler by being able to connect our website with these social media platforms.

How has your business changed over the past year?

Before the pandemic I had never sold anything online. The pandemic opened up many avenues for entrepreneurs around the globe like me. We understood that we could not rely on the 9-to-5. Wix was a platform that allowed us to build a brand, develop a product, or become a creator. This was essential for our survival.

“We have increased our online sales by more than $1.4 million in the past year. 

Now I have around 30 employees. I am involved in all aspects of the business, including checking inventory, stock, creating content, and working with VIPs. This is how my day usually looks. I then go home and make dinner. Then I log on to my computer and do my inventory. Except for Saturdays, I do inventory and replenish every day. There are in-store and online sales. Therefore, there must be consistent supply of new products and inventory drops every week and month.

You can start an online business and make money from your bed.

Our customer base changed because of the pandemic. It was no longer just an average person who was always online. Online services were the only option for many people. This opened up new avenues for everyone.

How can you communicate with customers?

The Wix owner mobile app allows me to communicate with my customers from anywhere and at any time.

It is very easy to use. It works on all devices. As I do this interview, my Wix is exploding!

Clients can use our members’ area to send private messages. This is easy because it’s integrated directly into the app. Another great feature is the automatic emails that are sent to clients after an order has been placed.

To manage all our shipping, we integrated with Shippo. The tracking number is sent to our clients when the packages are on their journey. It literally tracks the package from the moment it leaves our facility until it arrives at their doorstep. Integration with Shippo is a time-saver as we no longer have to manually add tracking or send emails.

How can you continue to come up with new business ideas?

It is difficult to come up with new business ideas. It is important to keep up-to-date. I travel the world. Even shopping malls have been business opportunities. It motivates me to be more creative every time I see something new. It is important to have experiences beyond just sitting at a desk. I am open to new experiences that challenge me to be creative, adventurous and step out of my comfort zone. This is what motivates me to constantly think of new ideas and create.

Where can you see House of Suppliez expanding?

It feels like we are at the beginning of a growth spurt. We will continue creating amazing content, find and develop top products, keep coming up with tips to make our jobs easier, and continue creating the most stunning art you’ll ever see.

House of Suppliez’s main goal is to allow all of my employees, who have been there with me throughout the entire journey, to get a share of the company. We can create a product that is unique to their creativity and skills. That specific line will allow them to own a piece of stock.

Although I have not yet started to advertise on social media, it is something I plan to do once we have enough supply and are ready to meet the demand. Currently, we sell out within the first week of launching our products.

What are you future business goals?

We will continue to offer top-quality products at the most affordable prices for artists around the globe. My goal is to work hard, to inspire young girls and make a difference in the world. They hold a special place within my heart.

My parents are immigrants, and came to America with nothing. My goal is to inspire young entrepreneurs and girls around the globe to realize that you can take risks and follow your dreams, no matter what.

It’s easy to say, “hey, this is too hard, it drains me emotionally, and it’s frustrating.” But if you’re passionate about what your doing, you’ll never give up. You will reach every goal and climb the ladder. You will be supported by people who see the hard work you put in.

Tell us all about your book

The Glam House Blueprint is available in hardcover and eBook. This book is a labor of love that I have spent a lot time on. This book is my guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It’s a step-by-step guide that will show you how to get started on your journey to achieving everything you desire in life. It contains everything I use every day. It is the book that will help you choose the career path you want. You can write in it, it shows you how to set up a website and how to open a salon. It also discusses a lot of things that you might stumble upon and how you can overcome them. Everything I have learned along the journey has been written.

My family believed in college, getting a job at 9-5, and insurance to ensure that you could have a family and live a normal life. But I took a risk. I did not go to business school. Now, I am retired from my dad and mom.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to be open-minded and accept that there are things you can learn from others. It is important to be open to listening and willing to learn. Every day I learn something new and am constantly learning.

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