Guide: WhatsApp Broadcast is a great way to grow your business in 2022

What is a WhatsApp Broadcast and how does it work?

WhatsApp Broadcast allows you to send messages, images, videos, or other media to multiple contacts at once. A broadcast message, unlike WhatsApp groups, will be displayed as a private message in the chat you have with them. These chats will contain any replies and they cannot be seen by anyone else.

How do I send a WhatsApp broadcast?

It is easy to use the WhatsApp Broadcast feature.

  1. First, create a contact list to whom you wish to send the message.
  2. Next, click the three dots in the top-right corner of WhatsApp and choose ‘New Broadcast’
  3. Select the contacts that you wish to add, and your broadcast list is complete.

Send a message to all members of the list by going to the chat window and typing your message.

It will appear in private messages within the individual chats that you have with recipients, as you can see.

WhatsApp Broadcast: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use It

WhatsApp Broadcast can be a great channel for your business. It has better deliverability and read rate than email. Customers can also have 1-on-1 conversations when they reply to your broadcast.

Here are 6 reasons to use WhatsApp Broadcasts.

Reason 1

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WhatsApp Broadcast will save you from losing your wrist typing the same message repeatedly in different chats. Send one message and it will be sent to everyone.

Reason 2

“But, can’t you create groups and send messages simultaneously to everyone?” Sam, our intern, asked. Broadcasts are better. Broadcast messages work in the same way as an email bcc. Don’t worry about other contacts seeing your contact information or reply . These remain private.

Reason 3

Broadcast allows you to instantly turn a one-time message into a conversation. The platform has a high user-rate, is simple to use, and is loved by every generation. Their presence in more than 100 countries ( source), and 2Billion users prove it.

Reason 4

Unlike emails, there’s no spam box This is just lovely music! WhatsApp Broadcast will not send you to spam folders. Email deliverability is almost impossible, even if the sender is not a Nigerian prince with a treasure chest.

Reason 5

It’s completely free to use. There is no monthly fee and billing that depends on how many subscribers you have. This can be a great place to start testing your communication strategy and offers before investing in email ads or emails.

Reason 6

You can create multiple broadcast lists based on customers’ past purchases, preferences or interests. This will enable you to target messages and build an engaged audience.

Continue reading: 10+ WhatsApp Promoal Message Examples that will help you grow your brand’s sales.

WhatsApp Broadcast Limit When Using Business App

Four Limitations to Broadcasting Using WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Broadcast has its limitations, especially when you use the Business app. These are the main limitations to using WhatsApp Business for broadcasts.

Limitation 1

To send messages , recipients must save their number. It is not enough to just have someone’s phone number on your broadcast list. Worse, it’s impossible to tell if someone hasn’t saved your number. Ouch!

Limitation 2

A list can only contain 256 members You will need to create another list once you have reached 256 unique contacts in your broadcast list. You will need four lists if you have 1,000 contacts. You will need 4 lists if you have 1000 contacts.

Limitation 3

Contact export functionality is not available. You will need to manually add each number to WhatsApp if you have contacts stored in Excel or from Shopify. Are you able to put in the time?

Limitation 4

No analytics or reports are available. It doesn’t show how many messages have been read, opened, replied to, and whether they were opened or closed. This prevents you from objectively evaluating whether WhatsApp is a good communication channel for your company.

Find out more about the limitations and differences in the WhatsApp Business app vs WhatsApp API .

How to send WhatsApp Broadcasts to 100,000 Customers per Day

WhatsApp’s WhatsApp Business API was launched in 2018 by the company to allow businesses to communicate with their customers on a large scale.

WhatsApp API is available to businesses who have their number verified by WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSP). This allows them to access all features offered by WhatsApp.

DelightChat is a partner and platform provider.

This is how DelightChat allows you to upload contacts, schedule/send broadcasts to them, and track campaign results in just a few steps.

Step 1: Create a new broadcast in DelightChat

Log in to your DelightChat Account.

Go to WhatsApp Marketing > Broadcast.

Click on the button in the upper right corner to create a new broadcast.

Step 2: Select a Message Template, Upload Customer Contacts

Each detail should be filled in one at a time. To see the final message in chat, check the preview box.

Once the data is sent, any variables will be converted to the corresponding data.Dynamic variables make it easy to personalize messages at scale

Step 3: Schedule Broadcasts or Send Broadcasts

You can send the message right away or select a future time when you’d like it to be sent.

After you’re done, click the “Publish Broadcast” button.

The message will be sent directly to the contact list you have selected at the time.

Step 4: Track Results & ROI

Shopify integration allows DelightChat to automatically track 2 goals.

  1. Orders placed
  2. Order value

This is accomplished by matching the customer’s number with your store phone number.

You also get details about which phone numbers received the WhatsApp Broadcast successfully, which ones read it, and many other things.

You can find a step-by-step guide for sending WhatsApp brodacasts with DelightChat here.

ROI of WhatsApp Campaigns vs. SMS, Email

Here’s a table that will help you make informed decisions when deciding between SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.

We reached out to some brands using DelightChat for WhatsApp Broadcasts in order to verify the data and provide real results.

These are some impressive results.

  • One broadcast to more than 10,000 customers generated revenue of $15,000 (Rs10 lacs) for a home decor brand in less that 72 hours.
  • A/B testing an apparel brand by sending 1K contacts sales emails and sales messages via WhatsApp Broadcast. WhatsApp generated 7.1x more revenue than emails.
  • Another ecommerce brand generated 26x the revenue from the campaign. The best thing? It happened within 24 hours after sending the message.

WhatsApp’s superior open and reader rates, and direct communication with brand-customer make it easy to realize impressive ROI and sales. There is strong evidence.

These cool and creative WhatsApp marketing campaigns were run by real brands to reach thousands of customers.

Benefits of sending WhatsApp broadcasts using the Official API

Broadcasts via Official WhatsApp API have many benefits. This is possible by using WhatsApp broadcast software such as DelightChat.

1- Contacts failed to save your number? You can still broadcast

This is an important advantage when using WhatsApp API. You only need your audience’s contact information and an opt-in (or consent) form from them to receive messages from you brand.

2 Send messages to unlimited contacts

You can send messages to up to 1000 recipients per day using the official WhatsApp Business API. There is no limit to the number messages that your business can send. It only limits the number you want to message.

To broadcast to more people, a WhatsApp account must be on a higher level messaging tier. You will need to send twice as many messages in the next seven days as the current tier allows.

For example, you can send messages to 2K users in 7 days after having sent to 1K users the first time. If you don’t get marked as spam, you can move up to the next tier to be able send messages to 10K users.

3. Worried about the number being banned? Don’t worry

The number will be integrated into the business API so you don’t have to worry about it being banned. This adds an extra layer of authenticity and messages are not considered spam unless the recipients report extensively.

Many brands have used our API to set up WhatsApp Marketing and we have not seen any numbers get blocked.

4 Create multiple concurrent logins

WhatsApp API allows unlimited number of users to login to manage the same WhatsApp number. This is possible with software such as DelightChat’s WhatsApp shared inbox. This allows for the distribution of tickets, campaigns, broadcasts, among team members.

5 Personalize your messages to scale

Variables can be used to personalize messages, without the need to enter personal information for each recipient. Variables are text fields in WhatsApp templates that automatically fill with the relevant data. You can send 100 people a greeting using HiFirst name.

6 Schedule messages to ensure you don’t miss any campaigns

It’s not a good idea to forget to send the important message about Saturday’s sale to your customers on Saturday. Scheduling is better than saving drafts of your messages and remembering to send them later.

This is not possible with the WhatsApp personal or business account. To do this, you will need the WhatsApp API and a platform such as DelightChat.DelightChat makes scheduling your broadcast quick & easy.

7- Get Green Tick Verified

Green Tick verification tells your customers that you are a trusted brand. This is verified by WhatsApp.

DelightChat can help you get your green tick verified by submitting an application to Meta for free on behalf of your brand. Find out more about Green Tick Verification.

8- Use data for optimizing your strategy

You will receive data about:

  • Successfully sent and delivered messages.
  • Orders placed
  • The integration allows you to match the order value directly with your Shopify store data

These data can reveal valuable information about your audience, which can be used to help you create successful campaigns.

These data can be downloaded and further analyzed. This will allow you to see the phone numbers used to deliver or reject your message, as well as those associated with orders that were successfully placed.

Four Examples of WhatsApp Broadcast Messages for Ecommerce

These message templates can be used directly or as inspiration to help you create your own broadcast.

Broadcast messages to sell

Example 1

“Hi, there! We have 15% off all bags for next week. If you would like early access to all bags 24 hours before the sale opens, please reply ‘Yes’ in this message.

Example 2

“Hi, there! We have a limited supply of the granola bars that you love. Get a 10% discount when you order within the next 24 hour.

Broadcast messages for customer support

“Hi. “Hi. To make an immediate purchase, please use ‘Pay Later’ or ‘Cash On Delivery’. We will notify you when the problem is resolved. We are sorry !”

Broadcast messages for general updates

“Hello fam! This is exciting news. Today, we opened a new salon in Indiranagar. Today, we are able to accommodate 100 appointments. Please let me know if you are interested in booking an appointment .”

FAQs regarding WhatsApp Broadcasts

Do I run the risk of my WhatsApp account being banned?

If it receives too many outbound messages, a regular WhatsApp number that is used with the Business app will be banned.

WhatsApp API numbers are not easily banned. Frequent broadcasts can cause a drop in quality rating for your number. You have the option to repair it and restore it to a higher quality rating.

How do I export all my contacts from WhatsApp Broadcast

DelightChat allows you to upload a CSV that contains the phone numbers of your customers. Your CSV should have at least two columns: country code and phone number. Here’s a step by step explanation with screenshots.

Can I send promo messages via WhatsApp Broadcast

Yes. It is possible to send promotional messages thanks to recent WhatsApp policy changes. First, create a brand new WhatsApp message template. Templates with promotional content used to be rejected. However, these templates are now easily approved.

What is the maximum number of contacts that can be added to WhatsApp Broadcast

Siple answers are unlimited. To start, you can only send messages to 1000 recipients per day. There is no limit to the number messages that your business can send. It only limits the number users you want to message.

WhatsApp accounts must be in a higher Messaging Tier to broadcast to more people. You must send twice as many messages in the next seven days to reach this tier. Once you reach Tier 3, messages can be sent to unlimited users.

What are the different statuses of phone numbers in WhatsApp Broadcast

Statuses for a phone number can be either Connected, Restricted or Flagged. A connected status is a phone number that can broadcast broadcasts without restriction.

If a number sends too many spam messages, people mark them as spam and it drops the quality. The phone number is then placed in Restricted status.

A Restricted phone number cannot send broadcasts to new contacts while it is restricted. Flagged status will be given to a phone number whose Quality Rating falls below a certain level. This status will prevent it from sending broadcasts.

What API do I need to get WhatsApp Broadcast started?

DelightChat allows you to get the WhatsApp Business API.

Register today to schedule a demo. Our team can assist you in getting started!

Wrap up: Send WhatsApp broadcasts with DelightChat

WhatsApp Broadcasts’ success is based on data, revenue numbers and current consumer behavior. It is time to grab a piece.

You might be reluctant to start because it is a new and evolving technology. You might be having trouble using WhatsApp on a large scale. You might not be happy with the tools you use to manage WhatsApp.

DelightChat is available to help you if you feel like any of these situations. Register today to schedule a demo session with our team. We’ll show you how to send WhatsApp Broadcasts immediately.


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