Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: eCommerce Services

Are you looking for an eCommerce optimization agency that can help you build and design your website, and then market it and grow it post-launch? Groove Commerce might be the right choice for you.

Our Services: Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Businesses are increasingly relying on eCommerce revenues to survive, especially in times of global pandemics. It’s easier to achieve your goals when you have a team that can be counted on in difficult times.

Keep reading to learn how we work with clients to provide top web and marketing services that generate serious results. The following are our top services:

  1. eCommerce strategy
  2. eCommerce development and design
  3. Support for websites
  4. SEO for eCommerce
  5. Email marketing
  6. eCommerce PPC
  7. Sales enablement

Website Services

eCommerce Strategy

Businesses need to have a detailed eCommerce strategy in order to build conversion-oriented campaigns. Our strategists will work with you to create a brand strategy that aligns with your website, marketing expectations, and your company’s eCommerce goals.

Based on your business requirements, we create a strategy and a sitemap. We also offer brand, marketing and technology recommendations. We also create buyer personas through analysis of customers’ motivations and intentions. The ability to identify the different customer groups will help you create an eCommerce strategy. It will also allow you to segment promotions and campaigns.

Our team of strategists is a conversion rate optimization agency. We analyze your company’s marketing data, past campaign results, and customer actions in order to develop strategies to convert website traffic to new customers.

eCommerce Design and Development

A positive user experience is possible by designing and optimizing a mobile-friendly website. Our team designs websites that help visitors convert faster by conducting research and discovery. Wireframes and architectures are the basis for website functionality and visual design.

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We partner with you when you have new ideas. Our expert designers can create the tools your company needs to succeed in the eCommerce market.

Our team of developers is available to assist you in building your website. We offer custom development and responsive functionality. Our team of developers can help you create and implement integrations to improve your technology infrastructure.

There’s no need for you to lose your content if you want to move your site to another eCommerce platform. Groove Commerce follows best practices in content migration to ensure that visual assets from your old site load quickly on the new site.

Website Support

Are you looking for a company that can optimize conversion rates and grow your brand even after your website launches. The Groove Commerce team works closely with you during, after and even after your website launches to improve the performance of your website and ensure that it meets technical specifications.

Each client is assigned an account manager who can be reached at any time. Groove’s account manager is your central point of contact. They can be reached via email, phone, or virtual meetings.

Our team maintains websites for our clients, from security updates to app updates, so they don’t have any technical problems. We can help you fix any bugs or update a website quickly.

Marketing Services

SEO for eCommerce

Optimized eCommerce SEO strategies are essential to increase your organic search rankings and attract new customers to your website. Our team will work with you to implement both technical and non-technical SEO strategies for your business.

After assessing your SEO health score, performance and creating a customized plan to improve visibility on search engine result pages, we then create a custom plan. We work tirelessly to increase your brand’s organic reach and to attract new customers.

Link building is an important part of our strategy to increase page authority, reach and reach. We also provide ongoing support and reports that will keep you informed about SEO performance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the best ways to engage and attract your audience. It’s also one of the most profitable channels for eCommerce businesses.

We assist businesses in identifying campaigns and email promotions that can increase their return on investment. Our developers and designers create custom email templates. Our marketing team uses tools such as Klaviyo and HubSpot to capture abandoned carts, connect with contacts, and drive conversions.

Our certified team of inbound marketing specialists can help you use segmentation to improve email performance. We also regularly report on client performance to find areas for improvement, and to see how your marketing efforts have made an impact.

eCommerce PPC

Paid Media Advertising (or eCommerce PPC) is a great way to supplement a company’s SEO efforts. We can help you advertise on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Our team conducts a competitive audit and builds campaigns around key words. We also create Google Shopping, Search, and Display ads. Our team can also help to nurture website visitors by using an ad-retargeting strategy that displays products previously viewed on your site. We also create detailed reports that help you determine the best way to reduce cost-per-click as well as maximize your return on investment.

Sales Enablement

Converting leads into paying customers is often a challenge for businesses. Our sales enablement service helps businesses to leverage inbound technology to speed up the sales process and convert customers faster.

HubSpot CRM can be used to help you define and optimize deal stages. We also assist with optimizing content (email templates, sales support materials). This gives sales teams all the resources they need to succeed in their outreach efforts.

We work with you to simplify the sales process by using HubSpot to build automated workflows. These can automatically enroll contacts based upon specific criteria and automate sales outreach and marketing efforts based on the actions of a person.


If you aren’t sure where to start, choosing a conversion optimization agency can be difficult. Before you invest in an agency, we recommend that you outline your eCommerce goals and prioritize your marketing needs.


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