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Review of 2021: 13 Trends From eCommerce’s Most Volatile Years

Review of 2021: 13 Trends From eCommerce’s Most Volatile Years Although eCommerce merchants might have started 2021 with high expectations for normalcy, the lingering pandemic and slowdowns in global supply chains, as well as labor shortages, presented more challenges than ever before. Recent months have shown that online sellers are dependent on change. As 2021 nears, there […]

Product life cycle (PLC). Are there 4 or 5 stages?

Product life cycle (PLC). Are there 4 or 5 stages? Cats have nine lives, according to some people. But, as it turns out, so do products. It can be difficult to develop a new product if you have been involved in the eCommerce industry for some time. Your product will need constant innovation even after it is launched to […]

How To Improve Customer Experience: 5 Tips

The first impression – or better, the first experience — a customer has with a brand can often make or break their purchase decision. You can make a lasting impression by making sure your customers have a pleasant experience. This blog will share 5 tips to enhance customer experience , and convert existing customers into repeat buyers. […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency: eCommerce Services

Are you looking for an eCommerce optimization agency that can help you build and design your website, and then market it and grow it post-launch? Groove Commerce might be the right choice for you. Our Services: Conversion Rate Optimization Agency Businesses are increasingly relying on eCommerce revenues to survive, especially in times of global pandemics. It’s easier […]

PPC Advertising: 5 Tips For Google Ads & Social Media

With PPC advertising, you can maintain consistent website traffic and reach new customers. You can also drive conversions. We’ll be sharing five tips that will help you improve your ad campaigns as well as increase their performance in this blog. What is PPC Advertising? PPC advertising is a type of advertising in which businesses only pay when an […]

Building with Shopify Plus: What you Need to Know

Mid-market and enterprise eCommerce merchants are well aware that choosing the right eCommerce platform can make or break your business. There are many options on the market that offer cloud-based web hosting. Shopify Plus is a market leader in catering to enterprise and mid-market retailers. We will be discussing which retailers are best suited for Shopify Plus, as […]

Using Klaviyo Back In Stock Automation

Using Klaviyo flow to automate is one of best decisions mid-market and Enterprise eCommerce merchants could make. Klaviyo allows you to create different flows depending on your company’s unique criteria. This makes it easy for you to personalize experiences for everyone in your company’s database. This blog will discuss Klaviyo back stock flows, their benefits and how […]

Building An eCommerce Development Checklist

Each business is different and each vertical has its own unique process of building an eCommerce website. A software company may have different technical requirements than a bicycle business that sells direct to customers. We have created an eCommerce development checklist that will help you build an eCommerce website. What is an eCommerce Development Checklist? This will […]

Guide: WhatsApp Broadcast is a great way to grow your business in 2022

What is a WhatsApp Broadcast and how does it work? WhatsApp Broadcast allows you to send messages, images, videos, or other media to multiple contacts at once. A broadcast message, unlike WhatsApp groups, will be displayed as a private message in the chat you have with them. These chats will contain any replies and they cannot be […]