Building with Shopify Plus: What you Need to Know

Mid-market and enterprise eCommerce merchants are well aware that choosing the right eCommerce platform can make or break your business. There are many options on the market that offer cloud-based web hosting. Shopify Plus is a market leader in catering to enterprise and mid-market retailers. We will be discussing which retailers are best suited for Shopify Plus, as well as the unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

What do I need to shopify plus?

Shopify Plus is a great fit for many merchant types. Each one has their own reasons. If you have a Shopify Plus subscription, the number one indicator is that you are ready to use Shopify Plus. You might need more functionality for custom site templates, high order volume handling, or custom apps/integrations.

Shopify to Shopify Plus Migration

Both services are provided by the same company so upgrading an existing Shopify store to Shopify Plus is as simple as signing up for the subscription. Shopify Plus will immediately give you access to all the features once your subscription has been paid.

Migration from Legacy Platforms to Shopify Plus

The Shopify Partner Program makes it almost as simple to move your store to another eCommerce platform like Magento or SalesForce Cloud. Groove Commerce, a Shopify Partner, offers eCommerce retailers store design, development, and migration services. This allows them to quickly get their new site up and running without any technical or backend headaches.

Shopify Plus is not the best fit

Shopify Plus is not the best choice for sellers who are satisfied with their site’s functionality and don’t have high order volumes through multiple channels. Shopify Plus is not the best option if you plan to migrate your store to Shopify Plus later on. You can start migrating to Shopify Standard subscription now, in case your order volume requires it.


Shopify Plus Benefits

Relieved technical headaches

Shopify Plus allows merchants to access the best-tier servers and support across the platform. This benefit will ensure your site runs as fast as possible and is reliable.

Poor page loading times and non-functional checkout procedures can quickly put potential customers off balance. Shopify Plus hosts all aspects of your shop. This ensures that customers will not be discouraged by your website design, content, or checkout process. The payment gateway you choose will affect your checkout process. Read more on our blog “Choosing a Shopify Payment Gateway for 2022”

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Fully customizable templates

Many eCommerce merchants find it difficult to build a website that is fully customizable. Most merchants don’t have an in-house development and design team.

Many sellers need custom integrations or applications. These are not just templates and themes that can be customized for their site. Shopify Plus is the only solution for businesses that fall into one of these categories. Although custom-developed websites can be more expensive than others, the return on investment (ROI) is likely to erase any doubts you may have.

Shopify’s “Liquid” Development Language

Shopify Plus uses Shopify’s proprietary template language, “Liquid”, which they call “Liquid”. Many eCommerce platforms also have their own development languages, including BigCommerce’s “Stencil”. We won’t be explaining Shopify’s language, but we will let their partner blog speak for them.

Liquid works in the same way as any other template language. It creates a bridge between an HTML and a store. In our case, the store is Shopify. This is done by allowing us access variables within a Liquid template file. It also has a simple and readable syntax.

Shopify allows us to have access to certain variables through each Liquid file without needing to do much. The product liquid template, for example, allows us to access all details related to the current product. This allows us to easily output the data using liquid without knowing anything about the product. These variables are called template variables. Liquid can also be used to retrieve data not made available to you. Shopify can, for example, populate a variable that you have created with all products from a specific collection.

Shopify Plus gives merchants the ability to create their own website themes using CSS or Javascript to meet specific goals and challenges. This feature allows you to optimize your website for conversions on specific CTAs (call to actions), such as product promotions or products. Shopify Plus is a great option for mid-market and enterprise brands that want to remain competitive in their market. It allows merchants to offer their customers an exceptional user experience.

Create custom mobile experiences

Shopify Plus lets merchants create custom mobile breakpoints. These breakpoints can be identical to those on a desktop screen. Let’s say that a user visits your site, bookmarks a page in a particular category, and then opens that page on their smartphone. They may feel confused and jarred if they encounter a different user experience.

You can customize your mobile experience to ensure users have the same user interface and experience regardless of how and when they access your store.

Shopify Plus Custom Integrations

We have already discussed that Shopify Plus is a major consideration for merchants who are considering custom applications and integrations. A custom integration is a way to import and export data to or from BigCommerce, along with other services that add value for the customer or retailer.

A PIM (Product Information System), for example, allows merchants to track inventory across multiple channels. This eliminates the need to have employees track when materials or inventory arrive and when it is being shipped. Although this might seem like a common feature, the ability to map how your PIM interacts and interacts with your eCommerce channels can be a unique feature that must often be implemented by an expert developer.

How do I get started with Shopify Plus

You have chosen Shopify Plus as the platform for you business. Our team of developers and designers are experts in creating and developing eCommerce shops on Shopify Plus. Shopify Partners will help you get your unique store up and running, as well as any additional features that you might need. This will also reduce the technical headaches you might otherwise face.


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