5 Holiday Shopping Trends That You Didn’t Know About

5 Holiday Shopping Trends That You Didn’t Know About

In the past few months, Ramon Ray, an entrepreneur and best-selling author, has traveled around the globe speaking to thousands business owners. Many of this travel was done behind closed doors, with only a camera and a cup of coffee.

Ramon shares five key lessons he learned from small-business owners about how to increase sales on your eCommerce store this holiday season.

01. Everyone is distracted. Be different.

Everyone is distracted. This can be a huge challenge and opportunity for online sales. Online events, email, text messages and cable news are on the rise. Our eyes are straining, we’re all buried.

However, small businesses have an advantage.

Your marketing to clients should be unique, edgy and stand out. Your email subject lines: What can you do to make them stand out from the crowd? Maybe ask a question? Encourage people to “sit up”, and pay attention.

How about your images? Are your images the same as everyone else’s? Or are you looking for ways to stand out?

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02. Follow up.

Because everyone is distracted, there are a lot abandoned shopping Carts. This means that a lot people have clicked on your website but not purchased anything.

What offer are you giving to people who aren’t ready to buy yet. For those still debating between you and someone else. Be sure to consider the BROWSERS of your website.

03. Be human.

Sometimes, we want our online image so perfect that we forget to remember to be human.

Yes, you want to appear professional but also have some personality. Video can help you achieve this. Integrating your Instagram feed to your website to bring it to life during your “behind-the scenes” service to your customers.

04. Keep an eye out for next year.

Yes, I understand that this year is very important. Remember, the NEXT YEAR will be here soon. Those who haven’t bought from you may need something beyond “The Holidays”.

05. Do not sell.

Selling is important but we all want to make money. We must also educate our customers. Sometimes, we get so focused on the price of a product that we forget to educate the customer. It would be a good idea for them. What are the benefits? What are the details? Is the product available in multiple angles?

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