27 Top Slack Apps and Integrations for Absurdly Productive Remote Team Members in 2022

27 Top Slack Apps and Integrations for Absurdly Productive Remote Team Members in 2022

Think of your favorite mobile apps.

These apps can make your life easier, more organized, and even more enjoyable. Slack apps that are the best can also help you organize your workday. Slack apps can be integrated into the central communication hub of your workplace (Slack) in much the same way as mobile apps that you have added to your phone.

Slack apps integrate with the Slack interface and allow you to add additional functionality to your Slack experience. A Slack app to track decisions, for example, will let you organize your decisions in Slack rather than using another tool.

Slack integrations and apps are a great way to improve your work and collaborate.

  • Enhanced functionality. By adding Slack apps, you can turn Slack into an area for communication, meditation, managing projectsrecognising employees, etc.
  • Centralized management. Use the Slack interface to leverage additional functionality. Logging in is easy. You can switch between interfaces or learn how to use them.
  • Better collaboration. Many of Slack’s integrations and apps are by default collaboration tools. Pushupbot, for example, allows you to share your fitness goals with colleagues and support them. It’s easy to find the right tool for you and use it individually. However, using Slack gives you an additional element of teambuilding.
  • Low cost. Many Slack applications offer inexpensive or free plans.
  • Easy adoption. Slack applications reach teams where they “hang out” during work hours. People don’t need to be convinced to use new technology or tools. Slack integrations will attract more people.

What are you looking to achieve more (or better) in your company? Slack has a solution. Browse the list of work-altering apps to get started on building your Slack app.

The Best Slack Apps and Integrations for Remote Teams

Remote teams can bond, manage projects, organise work and keep up-to-date with news and task management using the best Slack apps. Each of the below options will improve a particular aspect of your remote team’s day-today operations and interactions. You can find more Slack options at the Slack app directory.

Best Slack Apps and Integrations for HR & Team Culture

1) Bonusly

What is it? The BonuslySlack app assists co-workers in giving out recognition and spreading good vibes.

Slack allows you to easily use slash commands to give bonuses or specify amounts. You can even add custom messages and GIFs directly from Slack. To see the latest in recognition, create a Slack recognition channel. To claim your awards, you can also use shortcuts. Bonusly can be used by remote, hybrid and in-office teams who are looking for flexible ways of staying connected.

The reason you’ll love Recognition becomes second-nature. You can create an award by simply typing “thank you” or “amazing job” in Slack while you are typing. You can also sign up for a free trial to find out if Bonusly is right in your area.

Best for:

  • Building company culture
  • Your remote team can bond.
  • Making people smile
  • Share your favorite GIFs


2) Nectar


What is it used for? It allows coworkers to share meaningful shoutouts and spot bonuses with simple slash commands. This app is great for encouraging appreciation and collaboration from anywhere. Mention someone, attach your core values, add points, and include a message.


Why it’s so great: Nectar seamlessly integrates into Slack, allowing you to give spot bonus recognition easily without disrupting your workflow. This company culture platform is sure to become your favorite Slack app in no time.

Best for:

  • Great work is reinforced across all locations and teams
  • Operationalizing core values
  • Enhance morale and camaraderie
  • Meaningful recognition simplified


3) Assembly

What does this do? The Add-on makes it simple to celebrate any occasion worth celebrating, such as a job well done or a supportive coworker, birthdays and anniversaries.

Slack allows teammates to type simple keywords commands to create a recognition form that they can personalize and send right from Slack. Slack can be set up to automatically send messages for milestones and anniversaries.


Why it’s so great: When you realize that you can give greater formal and more amazing recognition in a matter of seconds, you’ll want to use it.

Best for:

  • Recognizing your peers
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Building bonds with co-workers
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Strong teams
  • Engaging employees


Bonus: Evergreen

What does this do? The Evergreen Slack Integration empowers organizations to recognize their colleagues and has many benefits beyond the office.

Evergreen will plant one tree for each seed of recognition received on your behalf. They’ll track your carbon offset, and show stats to let you see how many trees and recognition your team has cultivated.

To give recognition, you can simply use a keyboard shortcut or keystroke from the Slack interface. You can also create a Slack channel to showcase all the latest recognition buzz from your team.


Why it’s so great: It feels wonderful to recognize people for their hard work. It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping others plant trees and making them happy.

Best for:

  • Recognizing peers
  • Spreading good vibes
  • Improved environmental awareness
  • Building bonds with co-workers
  • Strong teams


The Best Slack Apps and Integrations for Productivity

4) Monday.com

What is it for? The Monday.com app lets you create tasks and projects, as well as add real-time updates to existing projects or tasks, right from your Slack conversation.

Monday.com notifications are sent to team members as Slack messages so that they can keep up with the latest information without having to switch between applications or interrupt workflows. You can also set up notifications through Slack if you work within Monday.com

Overall, the app facilitates two-way communication and keeps everyone informed.


Why it’s so great: You can send instant messages via Slack, regardless of which application you use.

Best for:

  • Transparency of project and task information
  • Fast-paced Project Management
  • Agile project management
  • Transferring tasks


5) Favro

What does this do? The Favro Slack application provides comprehensive tools for work management, including scheduling, time tracking and invoicing. It is accessible via the Slack user interface.

Slack allows you to use a message to create Favro tasks, set up notifications, create channels for specific Favro projects and much more.


Why it’s so great: It’ll help you keep track what you’ve worked on. Slack allows you to manage Favro tasks and provides detailed information about your work.

Best for:

  • Time and/or productivity tracking
  • Transparency and progress in task management
  • Task management
  • Invoicing
  • Managing projects


6) Toggl Plan

What is it? Project Plans are living concepts that can change often. It can be difficult to ensure that they can be updated as often as necessary while keeping all stakeholders and contributors informed. The Toggl plan Slack addon makes it easier than typing an email to let everyone know about important changes.

Toggl Plan allows teams to receive Slack notifications whenever someone updates their Timeline, Daily To-Do List or Timeline. Why you’ll love It: Slack brings important updates to the forefront of everyone’s attention: Slack. Email notifications are not lost. You can be sure that everyone will receive the updates they require.

Best for:

  • Project management with tight deadlines
  • Transferring tasks
  • Harmonizing with the current goals
  • Productivity boosting


The Best Slack Apps and Integrations for Employee Engagement

7) Kazoo

kazoo-logo What does it accomplish? In today’s fast-changing work environment, it is vital to ensure that employees have a positive experience. Kazoo has an integration with Slack that provides managers insights they may not have had before.

The Kazoo Employee Experience Platform makes meaningful recognition simple, fun, and rewarding for all involved.

 What you’ll love about it: The platform offers an all-in one experience platform. You can get employee feedback right from the platform. It’s simple to create an incentive program. The Slack engagement app features easy-to use recognition feeds, goal-setting and OKRs, as well as a tracker that allows managers and employees to organize 1:1 meetings. This tool packs a lot of functionality into one app.

Best for:

  • Set and track your goals
  • Create surveys and learn from the results
  • A wide range of employee rewards are available
  • Reporting and insights into employee experience


8) Motivosity

What does this do? The Motivation Slack app allows employees and partners to share rewards within Slack. These acts of appreciation will be displayed on the company’s social feed, in kiosks, as well as in the notification of the recipient.

Motivosity, a peer-to-peer recognition program that encourages employees to praise their colleagues for achievements worthy of praise, is the leading peer-to peer recognition program. You can reward your colleague for completing a small favor or a big project. They can then redeem their dollar for the gift of choice.


Why it’s so great: You can bring a little bit of recognition to your company every day and create a culture that values employees for their contributions, no matter how small.

Best for:

  • Facilitating communication between teams and managers
  • Ask employees for feedback
  • Promoting peer to peer appreciation
  • Find out how satisfied your employees are in your company


9) Awardco


What is it? Awardco provides a platform for remote and in-person employees to be recognized for their efforts. Employee morale can be greatly improved by public recognition. Managers can use a Slack app such as Awardco to recognize colleagues in any channel. They can also send reward points through Slack and let their teams know about important updates and group achievements.

It also posts recognition messages to the Awardco recognition stream when you recognize employees using Slack.


Why it’s so great: Awardsco has four award tools that allow you to engage with your employees in different ways. You have the option to acknowledge employees using their Recognition dashboard or to set up employee incentives.

This Slack app has so many features that it will be a platform for engagement that you’ll use again and again.

Best for:

  • Remote employee engagement
  • Improve company culture
  • Collaboration between teams regardless of their geographical location


The Best Slack Apps and Integrations for Project Management

10) Hubstaff


What is it? Hubstaff allows you to track time and prove work for remote and distributed teams.

Managers and teams can use a user-friendly timer, optional screenshotting and performance tracking to measure their productivity.


Why it’s so great: The Hubstaff service offers more than time tracking or proof of work. Team leaders can create project plans by using job costing and budget. Project managers can view real-time information to see how much their team members and resources cost them.

Hubstaff will notify your managers if a project looks like it might go over budget. They can then redistribute work, adjust team size, or find new tools. This will allow them to avoid having to resort to their contingency funds to remove project risk.

Best for:

  • Time tracking
  • Management of projects
  • Evidence of work


11) Teamwork


What is it used for? This integration allows you to create tasks for Teamwork using messages from Slack. You will also receive notifications about your tasks in a dedicated Slack channel.

After you have installed the Teamwork App in Slack you will be able to access the latest features like Project Channels or Slash Commands for Teamwork.


Why you will love it: This tool is more than an alert for changes. You can also give feedback and plan your next steps. You’ll receive a notification via Slack if someone in your team submits a design for approval. Your team can also provide feedback on the design without ever leaving Slack. It’s never been easier to use Teamwork with Slack.

Slash commands allow you to take on new tasks and complete old tasks from Slack. These tools work together seamlessly to give you more time.

Best for:

  • Ideas transformed into action
  • Take action on the updates
  • Capturing valuable ideas, and suggestions
  • Building resources and achieving greater success


12) Hive


What does this do? The Slack app keeps your work organized like your closet…or whatever you love organizing.

Hive could be showing you a Kanban board and suddenly you see a correction that everyone needs to know. Hive can be used as a launching pad to get to the right Slack channel. You can click and drag any action from Hive to drop it into Slack.

You can create a new action in Hive by using a keyword command.


Why it’s so great: Hive is intuitive and high-quality.

Best for:

  • Project management
  • Organization and delegation of tasks
  • Streamlining communication
  • Enhancing productivity


13) Workstreams


What is it for? The Slack app integrates your favorite project management tools, such as kanban boards, agile analysis, and task templates, into your Slack environment. This allows you to stay on top and communicate with others in one place.

As you communicate, view your Kanban board. Slack allows you to use text commands to assign tasks and track due dates. You can quickly turn a reminder message via Slack into a task if someone reminds of a meeting follow up. A complete list can be pulled up in your channel.


Why it’s so great: It combines useful visualization tools with communication tools. It is remarkably simple to keep everyone informed without any confusion.

Best for:

  • Project management
  • Organization and delegation of tasks
  • Focus improvement
  • Enhancing Collaboration
  • Working across time zones


14) nTask


What is it? The nTask Slack App brings project management closer and collaboration closer to help keep teams organized.

The nTask App is a powerful task- and project management tool that allows you to turn your tasks into updates on your Slack channel. It will allow your teams to keep track of progress and stay informed about projects.

You can create, update and delete tasks or projects in the Slack application. With just a few clicks, users can use slash commands to create and update tasks or projects in the nTask application.

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